“You can’t lure young people with old songs”

"This is not meant to be a choir that competes with the others in the community, says andreas brunner. The new choir should not take away from any existing singers. He is more of a "supplement" thought about the existing singing groups in the community. Andreas brunner, choir director and church musician ventures into the experiment of founding a project choir in the parish of pommersfelden. He is supported by the burgerstiftung pommersfelden, which was founded by rainer dippold in spring 2010. According to the words of mayor hans beck, their objectives also include the musical demand. Especially those of the youth, who so far tend to stay away from the traditional choruses.

At the first meeting, 25 singers of various ages attended, including many young people. "This is a strain to work with", the choirmaster was pleased. According to andreas brunner, the songs sung by the project choir will be a colorful mix of musical, gospel (perhaps also something african), philipp ottl (a german singer), and a few other styles his. "We try to be as broad as possible, so there"s something for everyone." No matter whether this is in the secular or the spiritual area. The old german chorgut is no longer enough to lure the youngsters out from behind the oven. No one has to audition for the new choir, assures brunner. A choir director has ears to hear and match the voices. Rehearsals are currently scheduled for friday evening and will last about an hour and a half. The future must show whether the project choir will meet continuously throughout the year, or only for a certain period of time and then take a break.

According to rainer dippold, the initiator of the burgerstiftung, the choir could organize special events, for example the inauguration of the town hall, or give a concert for the burgerstiftung. Dippold says his aim is to offer young people in particular something that the traditional clubs are currently unable to cover. There are also plans to work with the district music school.