Uehlfeld municipal election to be paid off once again

On friday the election committee together with members of the administration postpaid the municipal election in uehlfeld. According to bernhard weber, head of the office, the CSU and burgerblock had sent "letters of concern sent to the district administration. "The software used was not sophisticated", explains weber. Other municipalities had had severe problems with this – apparently now uehlfeld too. Weber himself checked the ballots. He noticed one that was not correctly entered into the computer system. He had then proposed to the electoral committee that it should be paid once again. "Now we will see: do these two submissions agree with each other?, according to weber. Meaning the crosses on the ballot paper and the crosses then transferred to the PC.

The current result was very close between the CSU and the free democratic party: a difference of only 18 votes meant that the free democratic party had three seats in the council and the CSU only two. According to weber, this could also have been the reason for the letter of concern from the CSU, among others. The official result is expected next friday.