The woman and the genius

if you don't know anything about fine art, if you can't think of any artist, you know one name: pablo picasso (died. 1973). The spaniard, who lived most of his life in france, is the very embodiment of the artist in the 20th century. The eternal avant-gardist of the nineteenth century, adored, loved and hated.
Portraying such a figure is difficult and new for him, says bamberger actor stephan bach. A challenge also for his partner ursula gumbsch in the two-person play "a picasso, from the "theater im gartnerviertel" from the 12th. October is staged. Written by the new york author jeffrey hatcher, who is rather unknown in germany. In his home country, however, he is a sought-after stage and film writer, who is u. A. For the series "columbo has written the screenplay. "A picasso" was created in 2005, the german premiere took place only last year in stuttgart.
The title is intentionally ambiguous. "A picasso can refer to the historical figure or even to a work of this figure. "A picasso was z. B. Sold in 2015 for 159 million euros. However, the play is set in 1941 in paris. A fictitious meeting between the artist and a woman fischer is described. This young lady with an educational background hired herself out to the nazis to help her family. Picasso turns 60 the day before his. Birthday "asked" to a store, where now a verbal duel with fraulein fischer in the service of the reich ministry of culture begins. The artist is to verify three of his officially posed paintings for an exhibition.
It's about art and power, about courage and ducking away. The historical picasso lived in internal emigration during the german occupation of paris, was a peace activist and communist after the war. But also frl. Fischer is an ambivalent figure who provokes questions, for example about the grace of the late birth. In the background one thinks also of art robbery by the nazis or of the gurlitt-affare.
The play is set in the story "mode macht mut", which has sociotherapeutic value. About 60 spectators sit in front of the stage – the store counter. Directed by marsha cox, costumes by aline joers. Olga seehafer has already decorated the shop with alienated portraits of picasso's women. For the genius was also a man who loved and needed women.