The singing club “gemutlichkeit” geschwand prepares for its anniversary weekend

The detailed chronicle of the "gemutlichkeit" choral society reads like a book the plan, which georg arzt has written. A special reason to take a look back is the 90. The foundation party of the club, which took place from friday, 17. May, until sunday, 19. May, in the halls of schmetterling international will be celebrated.

The wounds of the first world war healed slowly. They sang at the beer table, in the village parlor, at the hop-picking or on the village street. On the first christmas eve in 1929 the foundation of the choral society was decided by some men at the beer table, the singing rehearsals started in the house of muller with the first choir leader hanni muller. 26 members paid by the club. Since genuine solidarity and camaraderie prevailed in a rather cozy atmosphere, as can be read, the club was aptly named "gemutlichkeit".

"We want to set a sign that singing clubs can also celebrate big festivities, but also because we don't know whether the club will be able to celebrate another 100 years", emphasizes chairman willi muller. The festival can also be a wake-up call not to neglect the songs, the local culture, to rediscover it. 20 volunteers of the village are involved in the preparations of the common sanger festival, because the whole village celebrates. Patron is mdl michael hofmann.

The jubilation club receives rough encouragement. 25 clubs have registered for the first call for entries for the sangertreffen on friday.

Friday, 17. May, is under the motto: coarse singing meeting of the friendly choruses, musically framed by the "saischta-blosern". Saturday's motto is "music night": a coarse meeting of singers and musicians with the friendly choirs and the "frankenkrainern". The aim of the sangerfest is also to offer young talents from the region a platform in front of a large audience.

The special thing about the family program is that none of the extensive activities for the children costs anything. Agricultural exhibition with tractors and other guesses rounds out sunday's action. On the premises of schmetterling international there are plenty of parking spaces for the visitors.