The hallburg gets new guest rooms and an elevator

The hallburg gets new guest rooms and an elevator

Hikers and excursionists are catered for on the hallburg again every day since this week, on the 1st day of the week. April saw the start of the main season at the vinothek im jagerhaus. However, patience is needed before the restaurant can resume full operations: renovation work is not expected to be completed until the course of 2020, explained estate manager georg hunnerkopf in response to a query. A devastating fire caused extensive damage to the castle in may 2016.

Initially, hunnerkopf had still believed that he would be able to reopen just one year after the fire. But far from it. On monday evening, the volkach building committee had the plan for a new toilet facility on the table. Much to the delight of the committee members under the leadership of second mayor gerlinde martin: "we are happy when something is done there." And as can be seen in the plans, it is not only about new toilets for a long time . Whereas only the building committee had to approve only this new facility, which it did unanimously.

Elevator connects all floors

According to martin, the plans for the interior of the historic building show that a very important point is the conversion of the cake plus the installation of an elevator from the basement to the attic. Furthermore, a new staircase is planned in the western part of the building (behind the tower). In addition, catering space is to be enlarged by two rooms (64 square meters). These will find space in a part of the upper floor that was previously only used as a warehouse. From the second floor, smokers will then be able to access a small terrace with a green roof all around, which will be built on top of the new toilet facility.

In the future, visitors to the beer garden will have their own toilets. According to hunnerkopf, the new elevator area should be ready for the start of the 2020 season. Then there will also be six parking spaces more. This is necessary because of the enlargement of the gastronomic area. This year, as in the past years since the fire, an imbiss house next to the vinothek will cater for the hungry excursionists on the weekends.