Sunny faces under shady trees

The 15. Unicef children’s festival turned parts of mitwitz castle park into a wonderful playground on sunday. In the middle of it all, a single man on a picnic blanket in the shade of a tree. Papa kai from lichtenfels had found his very own island of rest. And while his wife and two children were getting involved in the hustle and bustle, he just wanted to take a deep breath.

On the stage at this point, presenter joffrey streit had to be careful that dance teacher claudia czyz didn’t sweep him off the stage. She wanted to make sure everything was clean for her dance party. And they presented themselves in colorful and in fairy tale-like costumes. Even if in the beginning the youngest ones had a few sips and their anguished looks were looking for their moms and dads in the audience, in the end they dared to go on the rough stage. The dance group of the ballet school "danceart’s& E-motions" from lichtenfels was sub, colorful and above all talented.

Lucky burgermeister

While on the stage the "kids from the ring with their mates calling for unity, mayor hans-peter laschka sat under a shady tree and looked happy. His words confirmed what his sunny face suggested: "this festival has simply grown over the years in this beautiful place. It is not a pure commerce, but also a relief action. I hope that it can continue for a long time."

The children hope so too. Children like seven-year-old hanna from johannisthal, who is walking a tightrope for the very first time. The funny made-up man holding her hand is aerialist thomas hofmann. Hanna said she felt a little shaky, but she wasn’t afraid at all. She would like to do it more often.