Strolling is the order of the day

Strolling is the order of the day

A stroll day should be the 15. August – and a stroll day has become mary's ascension day. Many visitors from the surrounding area took advantage of the catholic holiday, which is not one in the protestant town of kitzingen, to go shopping or look around.

Not to be heeded

Just over 20 degrees, cloudy and not as hot as a few days ago: the conditions were ideal for the stroll day proclaimed by the city marketing association. Already in the morning the cafes at the market place were full. Around the kiliansbrunnen many enjoyed coffee or an ice cream and listened to the songs of achim zepter. The summer exhibition in the town hall was more of an in-between event. Ideal time to dilly-dally.

Rough marks full

This was also the case in the city center this afternoon, when, among other things, the candidates for the shopping princess were sent on their way through kitzingen's retail stores with vouchers (report follows).

Traditionally, it is not only the city center that is the focus of interest on ascension day: the coarse markets at the city council in particular experience a veritable rush on this day and had rushed accordingly.