Start of the semester: it’s getting exciting again!

"Our aspirations are premonitions of the abilities that lie within us, harbingers of what we will be able to achieve", once wrote goethe. But he's never ridden the regional express either.

For my part, when I went from munich (where I did an internship at playboy) to bamberg, I only wished to catch the connecting train in nurnberg. But nothing there. No connection, only fellow sufferers. A missed train is like a drug addiction – it prevents you from arriving on time, but it connects people of all classes.

The procedure is always the same: you ask a fellow traveler if he knows how to get on, and he answers "no". Then they rant a bit about the rail operator, occasionally digress to other bureaucratic institutions and afterwards they go out for a beer together. Cheers. To the old semester! Perhaps the half liter of bitburger was also to blame for the onset of my melancholy. Or maybe it's the autumn, which has already set out to clear the trees that it had previously painted colorful.

Student calendars leaf differently

But towards the end of the year, the press is always a little melancholy. At least countless jerks appear. Magazines and newspapers review the months partly pathetically, partly ironically. But the student calendar is a little different. Officially, a university year ends and begins in october.
In the autumn of last year i moved to bamberg. I got to know horsale, seminar rooms, pubs, local, the bambergerian way of life and even the clinical center. All this is now in store for the 1551 new students – but hopefully with the clinical center. Because not only the summer, but also the lecture-free period has come to an end. A new semester begins.

When I got back on the train, I soon had enough of the melancholy. For as willy brandt said: "the future will not be mastered by those who cling to the past." So i got loose and thought about what awaits me in bamberg.

About 12.000 students in the city

It will be another exciting semester. For some, like me, it starts on erba island.
With the new ones now living a total of 12.816 students in the city. Everyone will somehow witness or be part of exciting events. And i look forward to writing them down. I already have a few topics. The rest of the stories will be written by the city and its people.