Slight majority in favor of more urn tubes

The preliminary discussion of the investment program of the municipality of rannungen for the current year 2019 was the focus of the 106th meeting of the supervisory board. Meeting of the municipal council, which began with a site visit to the cemetery. In addition, the water supply and street lighting were discussed. A grant for altar servers and youth work was approved. Finally, the council approved two special-purpose agreements with the district on the topics of broadband supply and data security.

The administrative and property budgets are due to be approved on 16 june. July to be finally passed. Many investments that could not be carried out last year were transferred to the new budget. For the multi-purpose hall, 400,000 euros are in the investment plan this year, but mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) already announced that this year "in this sum not" invested. For it in the coming year possibly 1.4 million euro at expenditures are to be used.

Schoolyard: renovation in full swing

Another important point is the renovation of the schoolyard, which is in full swing. For this purpose, almost 600,000 euros in subsidies from the diocese are planned for 2020. With this money, however, is possibly only a year later to count on, the mayor announced.

Burger should pay

He also shared that it is still unclear how the fountain renovation will be financed. The council wanted to ask the citizens to pay for the work through a levy. The municipal council in munich confirmed that this is possible. Experts from the office of schulte und roder kommunalberatung in veitshochheim, however, have a different opinion for legal reasons and point out that the work had to be financed through the water fees. Fridolin zehner is waiting for a statement from the district administration office, as he informed the municipal council.

Appointment on site

After the site meeting at the cemetery, the council decided by a narrow majority to install five more urn tubes in the ground to the left of the existing ones. Renovation work on the mortuary was also on the agenda. For the paving of the forecourt as well as painting work in the interior and on the outer facade, an offer of 25,000 euros was received from a company. "This is utopian expensive", commented joachim weigand (CSU). "Paving the whole forecourt is o. K., but only ten square meters as provided is nothing", harald klopf (burger list). The municipal council finally decided unanimously to dispense with the paving work altogether. Some minor work to be done.

4760 euro costs the creation of a structural concept for the future water supply of the community. Three offices had been contacted. The engineering firm baurconsult hassfurt was awarded the contract. The second office that submitted a bid asked about three times as much, fridolin zehner said. The third office did not give any concrete figures about the total costs.

Some of the street lamps in the parish have already been converted to energy-saving leds. Now more streets are being equipped with lamps. 31,000 euros will be invested. The savings in electricity and maintenance costs will pay for this expenditure in five years, according to the draft resolution.

The district of bad kissingen wants to establish a so-called "competence center" and mobile communications at the district administration office, which the towns and municipalities are to join. This office will be responsible for ensuring sufficient broadband speeds and comprehensive mobile communications coverage. The municipal council decided with seven yes and four no votes to approve the corresponding special-purpose agreement. In another special-purpose agreement, the task of the data protection officer of the municipality or. The administrative community transferred to a joint data protection officer.

Grant for youth work

The altar boys of the parish of st. Bonifatius had applied for a grant for their work in 2019. Mayor zehner explained that the parish has 43 altar boys between the ages of nine and 23 and that the youth work there takes up a lot of money and time. All interested young people of the municipalities could participate. This year, among other things, a trip to rust with an overnight stay, an adventure hike to the schiebhaus and schafkopf for young people are planned. Every friday the team of the ministrants and youth work offers a chess course for children and young people. A subsidy of about 1000 euros is hoped for. That was a bit much, wolfgang roder said, and suggested 500 euros. You can meet in the middle, said joachim weigand (CSU). Harald klopf saved the altar boys 1000 euros. "I give credit to the altar boys and the team for what is going on. This is youth work at its best, something is being done" , he said. The 1000 euro grant was then approved without further discussion.