Rotkappchen and buggs’n performed in katzenbach

Already the first of altogether three butten evenings of the katzemicher fosenochts society was a full success – is it here nevertheless somewhat differently than with most of the coarser meetings. The katzemicher also get a good 300 visitors to their butter evenings. And on the stage there are at least as many actors, which is also due to the fact that some of them appear in several stages.

"We do not have a dress rehearsal", says michael bohnlein, who leads through the program together with sven fuller and also bridges the already short waiting times between the individual performances with his partner. The program, how should it be different, starts with the katzemicher minis. 16 children, five of them boys, are the new hope for the katzenbach carnival.

And then come the emmert’s: christoph, daniel, felix and freddy, and with guitar, lukas manger as "alma’s enkelz. Because there is no other suitable meeting place for young people in the village, the electricity box will have to do. This is where the youth meet for their talks and sometimes for a beer on a festive evening.

Intimate details

The "chicken pile is a joint production of katzenbach and lauter and, the name already gives it away, the katzemicher durf-TV is again a pure katzemicher production of angela geis and karin beck. As newscasters, the two again reveal the most intimate village details.

Michl heppner is also beautiful as rotkappchen. With "rotkappchen und der krass bohse wolf" they received frenetic applause. As a dance interlude then performed the "buggs’n" followed by the billy boys from 1001 nights.

There was gossip from the "mitfahrbankle" as well as from the "mitfahrbankle" as from the dorirtschaft, and the ladies from lauter love it to vorgeruckter hour again really rock, before it with the "heart sheet" got down to business. Christian kramer as a hot female and michl heppner as a dutch showmaster demanded of their three candidates on "herzblatt already some and had for it immediately the laughs on their side, there needed nummerngirl jorg arnold not often to heat up the audience. The finale was then, shortly after midnight, once again the katzemich male ballet, which marched up in fubball team strength and actually represented a girls’ class.