Romney calls for weapons for syrian opposition

Romney calls for weapons for Syrian opposition

The U.S., together with its partners, had to ensure that the democratic opposition received necessary weapons to fight the military supremacy of ruler baschar al-assad. However, romney did not say that the u.S. Itself should supply weapons. At the same time, he called for more pressure on iran. President barack obama had failed in his eavesdropping policy.

In his speech on monday, romney again emphasized the USA’s claim to global leadership. "The 21. The 21st century can and must be an american century." Obama does not give the world leadership. "Our friends and our allies don’t want less american leadership, they want more american leadership."At the same time, he spoke out forcefully against cuts in the u.S. Military.

However, U.S. Commentators felt that romney had not really presented any new strategies or proposals in his speech to the virginia military institute in lexington. Thus, observers stressed, romney had not promised any american arms shipments for syrian rebels.

Syrian opposition groups currently receive money and weapons from saudi arabia and gulf countries, according to damascus. According to official statements, the obama government is not supplying weapons, but is helping the rebels with "non-lethal" aid.

One month before the presidential election, romney’s speech was primarily intended to raise his political profile. He is considered inexperienced in politics and has made headlines for his blunders.

In nuclear dispute with iran, romney said he would "not move to impose new sanctions on iran" and tighten existing sanctions. He also wants to station aircraft carriers in the eastern mediterranean and the gulf region again on a permanent basis. Military aid and military cooperation with israel should be strengthened. Again, however, he did not give details.

In the israeli-palestinian conflict, romney spoke out in favor of a two-state solution, which obama is also seeking. Romney advocated a democratic palastinian state to exist peacefully alongside israel.