Rene’s health continues to deteriorate

Rene's health continues to deteriorate

There is news from rene wolf from fuchsstadt, who has been waiting for a heart transplant in spain for more than a year. They are not good. The seven-year-old’s health condition is getting worse and worse. With far-reaching consequences.

Two to three steps – that’s all rene can do without having to take a long break. For comparison: a good year ago, when his mother silvia wolf went to spain with him, his range of motion was still several meters. No doubt: rene’s health has increasingly deteriorated in recent months.

"The boy from fuchsstadt currently needs up to ten liters of oxygen per hour", the family. This would correspond to the absolute maximum dose that could be taken on an outpatient basis. The cooled down flussiggas pressed into heavy containers has made life easier for rene wolf for a long time.

Because the oxygen supply has reached its limit, the seven-year-old will have to be admitted to the intensive care unit of the catalan hospital, where his heart transplant will also be performed, by january 2020 at the latest. Rene suffers from a severe malformation of the heart. His life would potentially only change significantly if he had a donor’s heart implanted in him. The chances of getting a suitable organ in germany are almost zero for rene; in spain they are much better. That’s why the little boy from fuchsstadt and his mother silvia moved to barcelona over a year ago.

In the clinic "he will receive his heart-strengthening medication intravenously and is under constant observation and examination", the family further communicates. As early as 17. In december, rene had to spend three days in this hospital to have a feeding tube inserted. Then, his parents hope, the seven-year-old will be able to spend the rest of the year at home in his apartment in barcelona, with the permission of his doctors. Sister pia has made inquiries. She will – like last year – spend her vacations, christmas and new year’s eve together with rene and her mother silvia in spain.

Should rene actually be admitted as an inpatient in january, he will continue his schooling in the hospital. Provided that his health allows it and the doctors do not raise objections because of too high load.

"Rene understands spanish better and better. He still finds it difficult to print himself out in spanish", writes his family. Partly his teacher also uses the catalan language, which is common in barcelona.

The closest family members were allowed to visit rene without any restrictions when he was permanently in the clinic. Everything else will be settled when he is admitted to the intensive care unit and will be decided according to his state of health.

The seven-year-old and his mother have been living in spain for around 400 days. The hope for the fading call that a suitable donor heart has been found for rene is still rough. But there is not much time left.