Puppets distract children from corona crisis

With quadriga and quantus she takes a photo and a video every day to report on her time in quarantane. Currently, the two hand puppets give tips to small and large spectators on what to do with barlauch or how to prepare for easter. "I simply wanted to contribute something to get people thinking differently", she describes her motivation.

Carolin sell is a social pedagogue and works as a specialist for language education in the hammelburg kindergarten st. Josef. Carolin sell grew up in frankfurt, but in 2016 she moved to hammelburg with her husband. For the 1300th anniversary, she made the hand puppet hamfred hammel. She regularly tours kindergartens and plays at festivals with her small mobile stage. Besides hamfred hammel, she has designed several other dolls, for example saalea saalenixe. The idea for quadriga and quantus came to her on the very day of the exit restrictions: "i bought some fabric and spontaneously started the close-up," she says, they tell. The result are two fuzzy hand puppets in yellow and purple, which since then have been telling a little story every day and for the "picture of the day model.

"I never run out of ideas"

They even have a facebook page and a youtube channel, just go to quadriga& to find quantus. "I wanted to encourage the audience to make the best of the situation", tells carolin sell. The mismatched couple talk about this and that in the theater stalls, but above all they both miss social contact: quadriga would rather drink coffee with her girlfriends, quantus would rather do something with his buddies. "I never run out of ideas, says carolin sell, laughing, when asked how hard it is to shoot a feature every day, and: "i’ll definitely hold out until the exit restrictions are over."

She has set up her mobile stage at home between two cupboard doors, but on the road she sometimes takes a door frame. When she plays in front of an audience, she speaks prepared texts, but for the daily videos she improvises a lot. "I always have a basic idea and then see what comes out of it", she tells. She records this with her cell phone. Although she includes puppet theater in her free time, the children of the kindergarten st. Josef was made aware of the offer. "It is well received, some children are already imitating the voices", says carolin sell about the reactions.