New picture calendar from the rhon

Actually marin katzenberger is to blame. The owner of the stationery and book store "tintenfasschen" has got a rhon calendar on commission in the shop. It was the same as last year, all with square pictures", says teddy katzenberger. And so she said to her husband: "teddy, you have to make a calendar."

That is what he has done. The graphic artist, illustrator and printer has often created photo calendars, for example of munnerstadt and bad konigshofen, and two years ago he also created an A4 format calendar of the rhon region. Now he has created a for 2022 in the format DIN A3, which reflects all the diversity of rhon.

Teddy katzenberger doesn’t like calendars where the entire flat is colored. "I want to see the paper, the grain", he says. "A picture reflects only through the paper woman." Every thing needs its space. "With us the colors jump over to the viewer."

The munnerstadter is drawn out into nature. "There’s nothing on TV anymore anyway", he says. "So I was constantly in the rhon with a camera." He bought new photo technology and used it during his excursions in the rhon and for image editing afterwards.

It was important to him to show the diversity of the rhon with its numerous excursion destinations. January, for example, shows eight hiking huts of the rhon, may the lake at the red moor, the wasserkuppe is included and much, much more. The calendar was published by teddy katzenberger’s own publishing house"…Naturally rhon by tintenfasschen", where he is also available.