Municipality can hardly do anything about the dog tourism problem

municipality can hardly do anything about the dog tourism problem

Ebensfeld becomes a dog meeting place on the upper river main? Well, that’s not a feature the community advertises and what it’s about has a rather unsavory side to it.
Recently there was a castle meeting in ebensfeld and there a resident pointed out a problem to the municipality: in ebensfeld there is a regular meeting of strange dog owners to walk their animals together in rough groups. A high point had been, when in the middle of january 14 cars were parked on the norma parking lot and more than 20 dogs were walked on the land consolidation paths in the direction of veitsberg.
Some of the dogs roam freely in the hallway – and this also leads to conflicts with ebensfeldern who are out and about with children and want to let them run ahead of them. What’s more – and this is the dubious side – the dog turds are often not disposed of. The municipality can’t do very much about it: a basic leash requirement only applies to fighting dogs in ebensfeld, and dog waste bag dispensers have been set up in many places. Mayor bernhard storath (CSU) suggested putting notices and dog waste bags behind the wipers of the cars, and roswitha wich () suggested checking the license plates of the cars and writing a letter to the owners. Direct address is a good way to appeal to responsibility, he says.