Much praise for the art week

"Encounter art – linger over wine" – this was the motto of the art week that took place in ramsthal. "It was a great success", the organizers and artists thea kebler and bernhard gobmann-schmitt sum up the event. They and their team from the association "erlebenskunst ramsthal" organized numerous events that attracted visitors from near and far. "We are particularly pleased that many people came from far away to visit the individual events", says thea kebler. Numerous program points, which were dedicated to the most different ranges, ensured for the fact that for everyone something was present. The art week in this form took place for the second time already. Everything was organized on a voluntary basis, a great effort, but more than worth it. "We want to hold the art week again in two years' time." But now it's time to look back on the event – and to rest a bit, after all, the whole thing had a lead time of about a year and cost a lot of energy.

Super harmonious

24 exhibition sites in ramsthal made the art week an experience. "Many artists were here the whole week and have rented a place in the town", reports thea kebler. "When selecting the artists, we made sure to offer as broad a palette as possible", says thea kebler. They love the place, the cooperation was excellent. "We found it really super harmonious," recalls, says gobmann-schmitt.
But not only art exhibitions were on display. There were also concerts, a film evening and, as a highlight, the improv theater, which was very well received by the visitors due to its imaginative presentation. But not only new things were presented: with the presentation of the epic of gilgamesh, the most ancient poem from ancient babylonia, the church set new accents. "We had a very good response here, the church was very well attended", says thea kebler. Trong's concert at the ramsthal sports hall was also well attended. As part of the art week, there was also a reblaus painting competition. Annika haub won the jury prize among the numerous entries, and mariella friedrich received the visitors' prize.
"We received a lot of praise for the art week, the visitors were enthusiastic", the two draw a summary. And the event had another positive effect: "we were able to get people excited about art and get them to engage with it," says thea kebler, kebler is pleased.

Rough interest

The artists were very happy about the positive feedback and the conversation with the visitors. "It was simply great that also the village people, who were confronted with the art, fell in love with it and showed great interest", says gobmann-schmitt. Many interesting conversations were held and the visitors took the time to fully engage with what was on display. "One visitor even said: "what you see here is usually only shown in metropolises", thea kebler remembers.
But first we will take a deep breath and reflect on the week together with the artists. "After all, there is always room for improvement," says kebler, says gobmann-schmitt. Because: after the art week is before the art week, and in two years we will offer an equally colorful and imaginative program.