More safety on the muhl canal

The work to improve flood protection on the "muhl canal have been completed. The official inauguration of the 3.5 million project took place yesterday in the presence of environment minister thorsten glauber ().

For gabriele merz, head of the hof water management office, it was not easy to draw attention to flood protection on a sunny day after two dry years in a row. She emphasized that the free state invests a lot of money to protect towns and communities from flooding. "This will only work if everyone is convinced and the money is made available by the state parliament."

Through the "weiber main/muhlkanal" construction phase primarily industry and commerce were protected from flooding. The head of the department also considered job security and the further development of the infrastructure to be a natural concern of the district and kulmbach.

Like cogwheel

According to gabriele merz, it takes a long time for a section like this to move from the initial idea to realization. "It takes many different institutions, whose cooperation must mesh like cogwheels, so that in the end a work like this stands and unfolds its protection."

The tree removal itself was carried out smoothly and without any accidents. Gabriele merz expressed her special thanks to the company gunther-bau from stadststeinach, which carried out the work. Such a construction site is also associated with obstructions, noise and other inconveniences for local residents. Gabriele merz: "in our case, however, I think that the protection that the residents now have against flooding compensates for the stress of the construction period." She was pleased that the representatives of the neighboring companies had come "to celebrate the completion with us".

On behalf of the residents, merz welcomed the deputy director of the max rubner institute, fredi schwagele, the managing directors stefan soine (ireks) and florian knell (raps), as well as the kleinheinz family, who also allowed parts of their farm land to be used in the e.-C.-baumann-strabe to be used for the ceremony.

Environment minister thorsten glauber pointed out that flood protection in the free state is constantly being developed further: "with extensive measures, we are protecting bavaria from a hundred-year flood. This creates security for the people in the regions." With the currently completed section along the muhl canal, the local people and the commercial area on the weiben main with around 3,500 jobs will be protected against floods in the future.

It goes on powerfully

Glauber referred to the approximately 440 meter long new protective wall. In addition, the pond has been both relocated and raised over a length of around 460 meters. The adjustment of the inland drainage system and the pumping station will also provide better protection against flooding.

"In total, around 80 hectares of settlement area will be protected by the facilities. The total cost of 3.5 million euros is half covered by the state of bavaria with co-financing from the european union and the city of kulmbach", said minister glauber. Flood protection in bavaria should also be vigorously expanded in the future. A total of two billion euros should be invested in this by the end of 2030. "Another 150,000 people in bavaria are to be specifically protected from a hundred-year flood", conclusion of the politicians.

4000 trout deployed

Mayor henry schramm (CSU) called it an honor for the city of kulmbach that state minister glauber had taken the time to be present at the inauguration of the mabnahme. The city of kulmbach is at risk of flooding, but the protection of the muhl canal will ensure that no less than 80 hectares will not be flooded in the future. In the meantime, 4000 brown trout have been introduced by the kulmbach fishing association, the costs of which have been borne by the city of kulmbach.

District administrator klaus peter sollner () spoke of a beautiful day for the city and the district of kulmbach. He also highlighted the flood basin as a very successful flood protection project that has since developed into a local recreation center.

After the official part of the ceremony, head of department gabriele merz invited guests to a buffet.