Michalek is upper franconia’s chess king

The upper franconian chess championship 2020 is history – of a now 31-year history in the franken-akademie of schney. The winner of the main tournament was 37-year-old doctor michal michalek. From the district’s point of view, it was good to see that two of the top places had very close links with the district of lichtenfels.

Breithut satisfied with rank 3

It was a tough tournament, four days and seven rounds long, and on monday the first place was to be decided. But it fell completely unexpectedly. Kurt-georg breithut, who had good prospects of winning the tournament, made no attempt to win against ralf riemer, and a little later michal michalek, who was only half a point ahead of him, only had to beat him to a draw against horst wunder.

A lot of psychology was to be decisive, because horst wunder from nordhalben did not believe he could beat michalek if he did not attack him. And the coburg breithut printed it quite differently: "at the tour de france, the second and third places don’t risk everything either." Breithut did not want to let a defeat, which could not be completely ruled out, spoil the chance of these places, because the podium places guarantee participation in the "bavarian" championship.

The man who has a defensive style of play, does not tend to attack, takes few risks. "Because I didn’t like the position", said breithut the reason for his restraint, which earned him third place.

Michalek with a clue in round 1

The one who ultimately stood out the most among the 54 participants in the main field was michalek, once of lichtenfels and for some time now a newcomer to waldsassen. "Probably strategy and feeling for the harmonious arrangement of the figures", he calls his strong. The man has admiration especially for the former world champions bobby fischer and anatoly karpow, but also for the tactics legend michael tal. It was already clear to him in the first round that he would be able to win the title. "I was on the losing side and managed to turn the game around", the former SV seubelsdorf top player called it a sign of things to come.

The sixth game was to be a different pointer. Then he got into a variation that his opponent had prepared especially for him. But michalek remembered a joint analysis with club friend matthias bergmann two years earlier that gave him orientation. Shortly before the award ceremony, he answered the question of whether he would like to defend his title next year with a resounding yes. "I feel good here and have good memories of lichtenfels, lived here for three years."

The connection to the tournament and therefore also to the franken-akademie was also michael lang’s pleasure. The director of the educational institution, which provides the game rooms and offers accommodation to the participants, who have come from all over upper franconia, has himself found joy in the game. Since 18. Since december 18, he has been practicing tactics on a daily basis on an internet platform. "I thought I’d give it a try and pick one of the smaller ones", according to the man who was looking for a sparring partner in the youth tournament. But soon he realized that even they were still superior to him and respectfully withdrew from the game.

For his house, the tournament, which has been held for many years, is a very special thing, because "the house is naturally full". Around 100 players, from the four youth tournaments to the main draw, are guests every year for four days, usually with overnight accommodation and full board. But lang does not want to think in categories like economic factor upper franconian chess championship, because: "i would rather talk about tradition, which we want to continue."