Megaupload founder dotcom remains free

According to the prosecution, the megaupload founder actually wanted 220,000 dollars per month plus a one-time million for the rent of his presence. The kiel native, who was originally kim schmitz, may now wait in his home north of auckland for his extradition hearing in august.

The U.S. Authorities had dotcom and his associates arrested in new zealand a little over a month ago. They accuse them of having made megaupload one of the biggest distribution sites for illegal copies of music and films on the internet. The rights holders had suffered half a billion dollars in damages as a result. Dotcom rejects the accusations and defends herself against extradition.

At the hearing on wednesday, details of dotcom’s monthly expenses came to the table. He had estimated his monthly household expenses at a good 28,000 new zealand dollars. In addition, there were 24,000 dollars for security guards and 29,000 dollars for nannies and butlers. Monthly cell phone bill is $1,000 plus $5,000 for landline service. However, dotcom is currently having to make a lot of phone calls to its u.S. Attorneys.

Dotcom (38) was released from jail on bail only last week. The public prosecutor’s office appealed the decision. She fears that dotcom was able to abscond to germany with his pregnant wife and three small children. As a german citizen, dotcom could not be extradited to the USA then. But the judge did not see a risk of flight.

Dotcom must wear an electronic shackle on his wrist and is thus to be monitored sufficiently. His wife is expected to give birth to twins in the near future. According to new zealand media reports, she has now been given a toyota from the confiscated fleet of black mercedes limousines and a pink cadillac.

Kim dotcom is not allowed to use the internet until the delivery is made and can only leave his house with the permission of the authorities. During the arrest, accounts and assets worth several million were seized. According to US allegations, dotcom is said to have received 42 million dollars from the illegal megaupload business in the past few years alone.