Maas announces reaction to security law for hong kong

Germany wants to react to the controversial chinese security law for hong kong independently of other eu states if necessary.

This was announced by minister heiko maas during a visit to great britain. As planned measures, he mentioned the simplification of entry for hong kong chinese, an export ban on certain rustic goods, scholarship programs for threatened scientists, artists or journalists, and an end to the extradition agreement with hong kong.

Germany and france have already put forward these proposals for discussion among the eu eavesdropping ministers. Following a meeting with his british colleague dominic raab at his country estate in chevening near london, maas has now become clearer on the subject. "We want to get this off the ground with as many european countries as possible. But germany will definitely implement the proposal we made with france," said maas. "If the principle of "one country, two systems" is to be maintained if the security bill is repealed, this will also have consequences for our relations with hong kong and china."

China has come under heavy international criticism for its hong kong policy. The new security law was passed at the end of june. It is directed against activities that china regards as subversive, separatist or terrorist. It is also intended to punish "collusion" with forces abroad. Hong kong’s democratic opposition assumes the law is aimed at them. There are fears of an end to the principle of "one country, two systems," according to which the former british crown colony has been administered autonomously and with freedom rights since it was handed back to china in 1997.

So far, only the USA, canada and great britain have reacted to the security law with concrete measures. Britain suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong indefinitely only on monday. In addition, a british arms embargo on china is to be extended to hong kong. Maas explained that germany is now planning to take similar steps to those taken by great britain.

The mabreakdowns could put a considerable strain on the relationship. Beijing sharply criticized britain’s response on monday. Office spokesman wang wenbin spoke of "recent flawed british overhauls and measures against hong kong". He complained of interference in china’s internal affairs and violation of international law.