Luckenschluss in the orphanage

The association hajastan-armenienhilfe, which has grown out of the "armenienhilfe the parish st.Georg in hochstadt offers trips to armenia again and again. This year the trip went to georgia and vanadzor in armenia. This city is home to the club’s largest project, the orphanage.

During the stay in vanadzor, the third educational workshop for orphans was opened. In the two workshops previously built by the association, tailoring and metalworking are taught. Woodworking is now added to the new workshop. The opening ceremony was attended by prominent visitors: the german ambassador from erivan, matthias kiesler, the district administrator of the province of lori, where the city of vanadzor is located, andrey ghukasyan, and the mayor of vanadzor, mamikon aslanyan.

Thanks to generous donations, not only could the building for the third training workshop be erected, but the equipment with the necessary machines could also be financed. All participants were impressed by the "bildungszeile": the new workshop bridges the gap between the first two workshops. The paths to the individual workshops are paved with pink tufa stones, and the ground between them has already been prepared.

The next projects are underway

The association has already done a lot for the orphanage in the past: among other things, a total of 38 bunk beds, toys, computer tables and chairs, two sofas with two armchairs each, 38 chairs and books in armenian language for the library in vanadzor were purchased, a wall unit was installed and the corresponding room was renovated. Everything was manufactured or purchased in armenia.

Currently, the heating system in the orphanage is being renewed. The association was able to do this – as well as the solar system for hot water – thanks to the support of "renovabis" realize. Also the "sternstunden, the german embassy in erivan and the many private donors from the region make it possible to carry out a large number of aid projects.