Landfills open again from tuesday

After some time of closure, the landfill gosberg will be open from tuesday, 14. April, from monday to friday 8 a.M. To 4 p.M.15 o’clock (not on saturday) open again for the county burghers.

To ensure that the district is also covered with disposal options for recyclable materials and to avoid long journeys to the landfill, an additional ten selected recycling centers will be opened during the usual opening hours and under the usual delivery conditions for the citizens of the district:

– willersdorf

– eggolsheim

– heroldsbach

– igensdorf

– neunkirchen

– obertrubach

– poxdorf

– pretzfeld

– dispute mountain

– gobweinstein

In order for the re-introduction of regulated waste disposal to succeed, the district of forchheim asks that the following rules be observed: 1. When delivering recyclable materials, the applicable distance requirements must be strictly observed.

2. Follow the instructions of the staff. Only a limited number of deliverers are permitted at the recycling centers and the landfill. Children are not allowed on the land of the landfill and the recycling centers.

3. Only one scale is manned at the gosberg landfill site, waiting times are possible. At the scales, the following rule applies: alternately one vehicle in and one vehicle out.

4. In order to avoid the accumulation of people and the formation of traffic jams, do not deliver everything on the first day. Don’t worry, landfill and recycling centers remain open!

5. Only deliver fractions whose disposal is important. The waste is not important and can be stored on your own land for a few days. Please remember that green waste can also be composted on your own property.

6. Many people took advantage of the enforced days off to de-clutter. The result does not necessarily have to be taken for disposal immediately. This also applies to small quantities of residual waste and problematic refuse to be delivered to the landfills.

7. Please note the opening hours of the recycling centers. For those who are not familiar with the area, the opening times can be found in the waste disposal calendar or on the website of the district office.

If everyone complied with the rules, the return to everyday waste management had to be successful. The district office points out that during the time of the corona crisis, the number of personnel available is limited. If chaotic conditions arise, caused by unreasonable burgers, the recycling centers will have to be closed again