Is member in court: man wanted to turn his girlfriend’s son into a child soldier

is member in court: man wanted to turn his girlfriend's son into a child soldier

It sounds frightening: a medical student of syrian origin from wurzburg allegedly beat the seven-year-old son of his girlfriend at the time on the stomach with a wooden stick – in order to train him to become a child soldier. The man has been on trial since tuesday as a suspected member of the terrorist militia "islamic state (IS) before the higher regional court in munich.

Terror trial in bayreuth: defendant confesses to video of ansbach attack

he had "in complete disregard of the care left to him, out of a raw and uncaring attitude" acted behind which "the physical integrity of the child had to take a back seat", said prosecutor jurgen rohrmuller. The 30-year-old accused is also alleged to have planned an attack on a synagogue in berlin.

To do this, he downloaded the instructions for building a bomb from the internet, said rohrmuller. In addition, abdulhadi B. Several acquaintances called for suicide bombings for the IS – he had committed acts with "as many victims as possible among the unbelievable from his point of view" wanted. Apparently it did not come to fruition. The boy, in turn, was shown at least ten videos "showing other children fighting for the IS, shooting at other people and being shot themselves." The aim was to make the little boy receptive to the ideas of the IS and to win him over as a fighter.

Defendant wants to "actively defend himself"

Abdulhadi B. He did not initially comment on the accusations, but announced that he would "actively defend" himself. And he demanded another defender besides the two public defenders. It happens to him again and again that a "small thing blown up" become "like here". Public defender achim groepper made it clear that he would not be providing a "defense of his views give. Judge christoph wiesner also made the fronts clear: he, the presiding judge, was the master of the proceedings.

Dangerous bodily harm, mistreatment of children in need of protection

Abdulhadi B. Has to answer for membership in a foreign terrorist group, instruction to commit a serious act of violence endangering the state, dangerous bodily harm and mistreatment of a protege. Before the court, he described a youth marked by violence and willfulness. As a 15-year-old he was caught and maltreated by state henchmen. "It was winter, they poured cold water on my tube." They had pressed him into a car tire and beaten him. "In the end, my father came and paid money to get me out of there."

Threatened his life and beat him

While studying in syria, he was accused of tearing up a picture of president baschar al-assad. Then he was arrested at a student demonstration, again beat. His father had said: "that's enough now." In 2012, he traveled to germany with a visa and enrolled as a medical student in wurzburg. Allegedly, he was also beaten here by syrian forces.
Abdulhadi B. Was sentenced in wurzburg to five months imprisonment without parole for threatening and beating his lifemate after separation. At that time, he had been able to get away with an order of punishment – but he insisted on a trial. This time it could be more difficult for him to get off lightly.