Ideal kafer weather at the oldtimer-fruhschoppen

For the fourth time the oldtimerfreunde had invited to the fruhschoppen in the weihersbach and again there were nearly 90 vehicles that were exhibited. A few hundred interested citizens took the opportunity to look at the ornaments on two, three and four wheels and to exchange experiences over food and drink at the ansbacher-tor-keller.

The very old cars stayed in the garage this time, there were more youngtimers of the 70s and 80s, but also a few gems from the 50s and 60s. Above all, the sunny day probably brought the ideal cafe weather, because a dozen of these classics had rolled in. Among them are two examples of 1954 and the 56 VW kafer from the organization heribert spieb.

Also heinrich kraus from erlangen-bruck came with a kafer, year of construction 1954, and still with the original paint and rust spots. Spieb calls the guest only "dr. VW", because kraus repairs everything that is somehow air-cooled and/or has a boxer engine. "He does nothing else in his life than VW kafer", smiles spieb and the "doctor" may not even contradict: "I have made my hobby a profession", he says. In the meantime he has built up a workshop in langenzenn. In the region there is probably no owner of oldtimers and especially kafer or porsches who does not know him or has already sought advice and assistance from the "dr. VW".

Year of manufacture 1954

Like david mc gouirk. Hirschaider, who has several antique vehicles, also arrived this time with a VW kafer. Also year of construction 1954. When the american bought it, heinrich kraus helped out. "He really wanted a ’54 because that’s where he was born", reports kraus. And both then tell together how they came to the love of special cars. At the tender age of seven, he drove his first pretzel kafer, he says with a smile. This was grandma’s car and he was allowed to move it back and forth in the garden a few meters at a time. And david? "I drove my first car when i was twelve", he says. It was a 55 pontiac. At that time he even ran off with it on the road.

From his 54 kafer the "dr. VW" still the original letter. First owner was a tax office. Until 1963, then the car was probably written off for tax purposes. Then a student councilor drove him, which still amazes kraus today. She must have loved the kafer, because what woman likes a nondescript gray car with a hard-to-gear shift and a heater that only works in the summer?? 1981 he has bought the car then, at that time for 500 mark.

Keyword: sustainability

Otherwise kraus defends the oldtimers, also from an ecological point of view. Nowadays, everyone talks about sustainability and calculates the pollutant content to the fifth decimal place, and then they drive cars that last just ten years. But no one talks about the energy needed to produce them. Thereby one could save a lot of energy and if one extended the period of use.

At the oldtimer-fruhschoppen it turned out that there are a lot of fans of old cars. Many interested people took a close look at the models, like thomas rattmann from herzogenaurach. He thinks it’s good that some cars are passed on and cared for in the family, and not thrown away right away. And when you look at the youngtimers, you can see how time flies," says the man in his mid-forties. With opel kadett or VW golf he has become rough, now they are already rarities.

Time also flew by at the early pint, and one by one the cars were chugged back to their garages in the afternoon.