High school offers colorful program

The school family of the herzogenaurach gymnasium and all those interested will again be able to enjoy a musical finale this year in the form of the traditional christmas concert: on thursday, 12. December, starting at 7 p.M., schoolchildren from various grades will fill the evangelical church of herzogenaurach with christmas sounds.

Several ensembles have used the first months of the new school year to put together a colorful, partly contemplative and festive, but also upbeat and joyful program. The instrumentation is as varied as the program: between modern and traditional choral pieces (lower, middle and upper school choir), festive orchestral works (pre orchestra, large orchestra and profil subject) and well-known christmas hits (school band, mini band and big band), every listener will be able to discover the music that best prepares him or her for the "stade zeit" tunes. And at the very least, the final piece sung by all the musicians and listeners should awaken the anticipation of christmas in everyone.

As always, admission is free of charge.