High damage due to fire

Property damage of approximately 100,000 euros was caused by the fire in a barn used as a workshop. The fire broke out in the early evening of tuesday in the kupser district of schmolz, the police prasidium of upper franconia reports. The criminal investigation department of coburg has started an investigation.
About 17.8 p.M. The fire broke out at a barn in johann-georg-herzog-strabe for reasons that are still unclear. The alarmed fire departments from the surrounding area managed to bring the fire under control and prevent it from spreading to neighboring buildings. As a precaution, they cooled down gas cylinders for a welding machine and oil containers, which were stored in the workshop, with solvent water.
The fire destroyed large parts of the roof truss, the wall and the workshop equipment, causing damage estimated at 100,000 euros. In addition there is the bill of a special company, which had to print for the disposal of about 1000 liters with altol contaminated loschwasser. Fortunately there was no personal injury. Colleagues from the coburg criminal investigation department have been on site to investigate the cause of the fire, which has not yet been clarified.