Group rooms have been eliminated

Group rooms have been eliminated

The daycare center in kunreuth has received its official operating permit following its expansion. Mayor konrad ochs (CSU) saw this as an opportunity to invite the head of the daycare center, sabine duddeck, to the town council meeting. The members should be made more familiar with the concept of the facility on this occasion.

The community representatives listened with interest to the planned concept for the kunreuth daycare center. Sabine duddek pointed out that the "open concept" was not very widespread in which there are no longer any individual group rooms, but only function rooms.

Each child should be challenged according to his or her abilities and also be challenged. This change requires an increased commitment from the educators and also the willingness to do something new.

Ongoing reflection

After the expansion, very coarse spaces will be available for use. "Concept development is the cornerstone for quality development and assurance", sabine duddeck explained. This means a continuous reflection of the pedagogical work. Methods and structures had to be constantly adapted. The biographies of the pedagogical team were constantly changing.

Carpooling postponed

In the further course of the meeting, the council agreed that in the future there should also be car-sharing banks in the municipality of kunreuth. Mayor ochs outlined how these rideshare banks will improve the mobility offer in the rural area. The meeting dealt with questions of insurance law and also very practical details, such as the design of the carpool bench. The association "oberfranken offensiv, according to ochs, the association wants to improve services in areas where public transportation is inadequate for the demand. At the same time a uniform appearance is to be ensured. Since a concept at the district level is still pending, it was agreed to look again at the installation of the carpooling garage at a later point in time. Ochs also informed the council that the coalition agreement provides for a sum of 100 million euros to be made available to all municipalities in bavaria as an earmarked lump sum for the road expansion contributions that will no longer be paid from 2019, and as much as 150 million euros from 2020. In addition, there will be a hard case fund of 50 million euros to cushion hard cases from 2014 onwards.

Nursing home still has to wait

A commission that is yet to be established will make a decision on how to proceed. The mayor also informed the meeting that the plans for the new nursing home had not yet been finalized. This was the result of an inquiry at the diakonie bamberg. The municipal council of kunreuth had no reservations about the "gaiganzer weg" inclusion statute in hetzle’s.

In the building area muhlbach, weingarts, a builder wanted to build a garage. In the development plan, the building site is located within the sight triangle, which is to enable safe access to the municipal road. The municipal council did not approve the application, as this would be a security-relevant interference in the provisions of the development plan.

It was recommended that the garage be built in a different location. With regard to the rehabilitation of the weingarts through road, an appointment was arranged with representatives of the bamberg road construction office for mid-january 2019. The work is to be started before the end of 2019.

In connection with the renovation of the road and the footpaths, the bayernwerk was also contacted about the wiring of the house connections in the center of the village. In response to a renewed inquiry from the administration, the government of upper franconia informed the council that the existing town limits had been correctly defined in accordance with the regulations.

The nesting boxes for birds, which the mayor presented as a christmas gift to the town councillors, were generally well received. The nesting boxes were made by the lebenshilfe forchheim and thus meant a meaningful gift in more ways than one.