Grobenseebach depot to get two new vehicles

The employees of the grobenseebach building yard have problems with a steyr tractor and a massey ferguson tractor. The steyr tractor is a solid multi-purpose vehicle in good general condition. The clutch was replaced in 2013, and the rear tires will probably have to be replaced in the next three years. The plan is to replace the 2010 tractor in the next two to three years.
But there is a bigger problem with the massey ferguson, which was purchased only seven years ago. "This is a "monday-bulldog, commented herbert J. Muller in the youngest council meeting the frequent workshop visits of the small tractor.

Workshop does not find a solution

The general condition of the vehicle is good, but it has some serious operational problems. The front axle is leaking and always leads to a considerable need for repair. Another constant problem area is the control unit for the front hydraulics. This machine has already been replaced several times, some of them on a goodwill basis. The workshop has not been able to find a permanent solution to the problem, and the cost of repairing the vehicle in 2016 and 2017 was around 7400 euros.
In addition, there is a situation in the municipal vehicle fleet where there is no car available for errands and small transport trips. Such trips are carried out either with a private vehicle or with a rented vehicle and the procurement of a suitable car should be considered. The bauhof also proposed to replace the small tractor in the course of 2018, if possible before the mowing season. The municipality has received an offer to buy the new vehicles at a price of 8000 euros. The procurement costs are estimated at about 45000 euros. In the discussion the suggestion of the building yard for the procurement of a small tractor was taken up and the necessity of a transport vehicle was seen.

Car or van?

Stefan Leipold suggested to include the transport needs of the fire department in this question as well. Werner schorr and andreas seeberger (both CSU) pleaded for a "flatbed vehicle", thereby the existing coarse vehicle was relieved. The procurement of an electric vehicle should also be considered, suggested werner schrumpf (SPD). His colleague from the parliamentary group, carina geist, suggested that the need be made more concrete and that the question of cars or vans be clarified first. In the end, the council unanimously approved the replacement of the massey ferguson small tractor and instructed mayor bernhard seeberger to obtain quotes for suitable vehicles.