Frankish lowen help in africa

frankish lowen help in africa

A fundraising campaign for africa initiated by lionsclub member manfred kruger has been running in herzogenaurach for some months now. Since then, the lions club has been providing relief supplies for people in need in africa. "It all started with a few socks", professor bernd kladny from the herzogenaurach specialist hospital talks about the donation project. Kruger’s usual commitment, however, quickly led to numerous companies and sponsors being won over for the project.
Thanks to siemens, a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner is now on the donation list, along with clothing, shoes and orthopedic aids. The device is used in the "fire children of tanzania" project in use at the nkoaranga hospital in arusha (tanzania). To ensure that the ultrasound equipment is used sensibly and professionally, godnester jostin mungure, a young doctor from tanzania, came to germany to familiarize herself with the operation of the ultrasound unit. In this context, the herzogenaurach specialist hospital has agreed to take on the sponsorship for the training.
"Every german clinic would be happy about this device", says kladny. Josef gerling from the specialist hospital also emphasizes the multifunctionality of the medical device: "it combines numerous options that are important in the area of daily life. Now it is possible to react individually to many special requirements at the place of operation." In addition to orthopedics, urology and gynecology, there are many other internal diseases in which the ultrasound scanner is of central importance. "High blood pressure and diabetes also play a major role in tanzania", gerling explains further. Godnester mungure is being prepared for all these areas of work in regional clinics and practices as well as in the specialist clinic in herzogenaurach, in order to be ideally equipped for her work and the problems in tanzania.
Not only godnester mungure was very pleased about the siemens donation and the generous help of the german doctors, but also the responsible employee of the siemens company is enthusiastic about the aid project: "it was a great cooperation between industry and clinic that took place here." The training for mungure went smoothly and the cooperation went "hand in hand".
Kladny also emphasized the altruistic nature of the project: "the whole operation is done without any ulterior motives." Of course, in view of the current economic situation, it is difficult situation not always easy to donate things, all the happier are the lions club representatives about the generosity of the company siemens.
The organization "fire children of tanzania" takes care of the safe arrival of the equipment in africa.
All those involved in the aid project are sure that the ultrasound equipment will be in good hands at the site of operation, because after all, tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. Kladny is pleased about the aid project for africa and emphasizes its special nature: "it is a project that was not started with money, but with a lot of activity."