First locations in franconia have to withdraw loosenings – this is the situation in forchheim

The upper franconian district of coburg is gaining doubtful fame these days. The number of the three municipalities that, along with the districts of coesfeld and sonneberg, currently stand out in deep red on a map of germany published by the robert koch institute (RKI). All three have the same value of more than 50 corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within one week. This makes them candidates for the "emergency brake" announced by the federal and state governments, the withdrawal of the relaxation of corona decreases. Since the increase in the number of cases in the coburg district was due to the old people’s and nursing homes affected, bans on visiting these homes were again imposed.

What is the situation in the city and district of forchheim, which are currently still highlighted in pale yellow on the RKI map?? A look at the developments and figures so far.

At what values does it also become critical for us??

Based on the current population figures (district of forchheim 116 109 inhabitants), about 58 new covid-19 infections had to be detected in the region within a week.

For the health department district a critical total value of 58 new infections within one week was thus valid.

If these values are exceeded, forchheim will have to return to the lockdown and all its restrictions?

This is very unlikely. The extent to which a new increase in infections must be responded to is decided by the respective disaster control authority.

"If the values are exceeded, it is necessary to concentrate specifically on the causes of the excess (where? Caused by what? What other chains of infection are possible? ) and counteract them with suitable measures", says holger strehl from the district office forchheim in response to an FT inquiry. "A blanket "lockdown product not on target."

Has the number of new infections in forchheim ever been in the critical range in the past??

The strongest increases so far occurred at the end of march and the beginning of april. Thus, on 26. March a total of 30 new reports – more than ever before. This could be due to the fact that the central swab office in forchheim had been put into operation a few days earlier. This week (23. Until 29. March), the "emergency brake" has now been applied current limit value clearly exceeded. However, since mid-april, the number of reported new infections has been steadily declining.

How many new infections are currently detected in forchheim??

The number of new corona traps reported by the district authorities has been in the zero range for several days now. Only from thursday to friday one report was added – now there are nine. In total, there have been 204 official cases in the district of forchheim so far (as at 15. May, 12.30 o’clock), of which 191 are considered to have recovered. Four people have been confirmed to have died from covid-19 so far.

In the 7-day overview for the district of forchheim, the RKI records just 0.9 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Are the numbers so low because so little testing is done??

According to information from the district office, the tests are carried out to the "extent specified by the state". Holger strehl: "we assume that the figures are so low primarily because the population is adhering to the restrictions and precautionary measures. Here’s hoping that these requirements will continue to be met."

According to strehl, the swab site is used by the health department in the mornings and by the association of panel doctors in the afternoons. "Currently there are still capacities available."