Faux pas at the polling station cleared up

Faux pas at the polling station cleared up

A controversial cleanup earned an election worker in sulzfeld an admonishment.

As reported, during last sunday’s state and district elections, an election worker at the sulzfeld polling station in the town hall gave a voter a voting recommendation. An elderly man who had forgotten his glasses had come to the polling station, says mayor gerhard schenkel, describing the case as far as he was able to reconstruct it after questioning the people involved.

Since the voter was unsure whether he could fill in the ballot correctly without glasses, the election worker said: "no matter what, always mark on the far left."Another voter heard this and complained about the election worker to the district office.

Schenkel explains that in the meantime he has questioned the election worker. He was then replaced in rotation and was no longer used for the following payment. There have been no further incidents. Schenkel confirms that volunteer election workers are briefed on their behavior at the polling station before they go on duty. Thus, there is usually clarity about what can and cannot be said to the electors.

Schenkel assesses the controversial statement in retrospect as a slip of the tongue. The election worker had shown himself to be reasonable and had accepted the rulings.