Expert report on artificial intelligence is available

Expert report on artificial intelligence is available

After two years of work on the subject of artificial intelligence, a commission of experts made up of politicians and experts from the bundestag has presented its final report to the president of the bundestag, wolfgang schauble.

The CDU politician spoke of an "important impulse for parliament," as it was put in a press release published on wednesday. Schauble also hopes that the experts’ findings and recommendations will find their way into the work of the parliamentary groups.

The bundestag’s commission of inquiry into the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence (AI) began its work in september 2018. In september, she presented her findings at a public meeting. 19 members of all parliamentary groups and 19 external experts were involved in the work.

Enquete commissions are set up to prepare decisions on major social issues. To make recommendations to the bundestag.

Regarding the technological development of artificial intelligence, the commission stated in its final report that this was accompanied by a change in values and was "not bad per se". However, it needs to be shaped democratically "on the basis of an agreement on a good and just life for today and for future generations," according to a summary of the report.

The president of the digital association bitkom, achim berg, thinks that the commission’s two-year work is something to be proud of: "the final report is a mammoth work that provides a unique overview of artificial intelligence and possible policy options

he said on wednesday that the more than 800-page report "is a good starting point for the work of the commissions. A reference network has been created that has an impact beyond the day itself.

Tina kluwer, a member of the executive board of the german AI association and a member of the commission’s expert committee, regretted that there had not been enough concrete measures, even though the commission had taken a comprehensive look at the topic of artificial intelligence. "We also had controversial discussions with each other, but i would wish that the paper was more concrete and clear in many points," she said on wednesday. Germany is not in the top group of AI countries economically, but this must change quickly so that the gap to the USA and china does not become uncatchable.