Ex-chaplain administers confirmation

75 confirmands from the city parish and st. Otto was given the sacrament of confirmation on the first saturday in july by the bamberger domkapitular hans schieber in the herzogenaurach parish church. Schieber was chaplain in herzogenaurach from 1982 to 1983.
The service under the motto "holy spirit, give us courage" was celebrated by he celebrated together with city pastor helmut hetzel and seven altar boys. The choir youth under the direction of toni rotter provided the musical framework with contemporary songs. The sound of harps was also heard.
The confirmands buried schieber at the parish. They had prepared for confirmation in small groups and in the process reacquainted themselves with their faith. Confirmation is an important sacrament for the confirmands, said schieber.
In his sermon, schieber focused on the fact that the firmlings had prepared for this day, had participated in projects and had come a long and demanding way. He said that he wanted to give them a sense that confirmation also has something to do with their whole lives.
There is the family as a central place of life "one praises oneself!" Living together should be something good. It is necessary to receive the spirit of god in order to pass it on in the family. God’s good spirit should also enable the children to live his spirit in school. That means looking out for each other and helping the weak.
Friends are often more important than loved ones. It is wonderful to have people of whom you can say, "we really are friends!" Life is infinitely richer through friendships, but they also need to be nurtured. With the words "I wish you that the confirmation has a continuation in your life and radiates into all facets of your life", schieber ended his sermon.
After the baptismal confession, schieber gave the young people the words "be sealed by the gift of god, the holy spirit" the sacrament of confirmation.
The confirmands had been prepared for this important day of their lives by parish priest bernhard keller and 17 mothers. They led six small groups with great commitment and prepared the young people for the day of confirmation. Each received a pot of flowers as a thank you from community leader bernhard keller.
After the confirmation, a small reception was prepared by the parish for those present in the church square. Schieber also gladly posed for photos with those confirmed.