Ed sheeran sings after all: “on schalke” instead of in dusseldorf

British superstar ed sheeran (27, "shape of you") will move to gelsenkirchen after his concert in dusseldorf was cancelled. This was announced by the organizer FKP scorpio on late wednesday evening. In the veltins arena, two concerts are scheduled for 22. And 23. July planned.

The 85.000 fans, who months ago had already booked tickets for a concert on september 22. July were sent new tickets in the next few days. Those who have a longer journey to make will be invited to the sunday evening (22. July), the others who had bought tickets for monday.

Those who can’t make the additional date will get their money back if they buy the new ticket by 7 p.M. July send back. The old tickets for dusseldorf or the originally planned airport essen/mulheim are therefore invalid. Thanks to the fans for their patience, understanding and support "during the weeks of uncertainty", it continued.

A majority of dusseldorf’s local politicians had denied sheeran permission for his appearance after a long struggle in the relevant committee on wednesday evening.

For the first time, a rough open-air concert was to take place on a parking lot of the dusseldorf fairgrounds. However, 104 trees had to be felled for this to happen. "A huge opportunity was missed. This will throw us back as an event metropolis," was how dusseldorf’s mayor thomas geisel (SPD) criticized the decision.

The veltins arena has 10 at pop concerts.000 to 15.000 seats more capacity than the dusseldorf arena. This was also a reason for the plan to create the new open-air-land in dusseldorf as a competition-ready flat, said michael brill from the local organizer D.Live. The trade fair parking lot was to be "the largest urban event area in north rhine-westphalia".

Whether this would ever be realized would have to be tested. For this 104 trees had to be felled. "If the greens say every tree has to stay, i guess that’s that," said geisel. Organizer FKP scorpio had already invested more than one million in the dusseldorf open-air according to its own information. Scorpio reacted sharply to the cancellation from dusseldorf, saying that they had been instrumentalized in a political dispute. Something like this has never been experienced in 30 years.

Originally the red-haired superstar was supposed to perform at the airfield essen/mulheim. Then it was noticed that sensitive skylarks were breeding there and that masses of bomb-blindgangers were still lying dormant in the ground. This is how dusseldorf came into play.

FKP scorpio said it now has a total capacity of 104,000 visitors for gelsenkirchen. Therefore, from the 9. July the tickets that are still available then will be sold to the public.

Until now it had been said that in case of cancellation by the city council the concert would have to be cancelled, there was no plan B. The tour schedule does not allow the concert to be held on two evenings in one arena. OB geisel and brill assured that they had not known about the plans to move to gelsenkirchen and the possibility of adding a second concert until late wednesday evening.