Csu is very surprised about citizen protests

"The CSU city council faction is currently taking note of the citizen protests against the forstlahm development area with great astonishment. Surprise, on the one hand, because the mayor of oettingshausen, henry schramm, is apparently being stylized as the enemy, and on the other hand, because the protest is only now rising up", according to the letter signed by faction chairman michael pfitzner and his deputy wolfram brehm.
It is not about the realization of a project of the mayor of the city. Rather, the work and planning now underway in the "forstlahm-nord" building areas was based on the following factors and "forest lame brew" unanimous city council resolutions from the years 2008 to 2017 are the basis. The decisions have always been taken in public session and have also been comprehensively presented in the media. The prescribed citizen participation was carried out in good time, and the public interest groups were heard. So there can be no talk of a building area "through the hinterture" arise.
The CSU city council faction attaches great importance to the statement that the legal regulations for the development of the building area "forstlahm" have been observed. "The city council has unanimously decided to create new building sites in forstlahm because it sees this as the right way to keep kulmbach attractive for young families in the long term. The rough demand for the building sites justifies this decision", the statement continues.
The opinion of the city council does not have to be shared, even if the decisions were made unanimously. The CSU city council group understands that the residents directly affected are resisting a situation that is supposedly worse for them and are presenting their arguments. "Some of today’s complainants, however, have undergone a change of heart, because no counter-arguments were raised when the existing residential area was designated. In this respect, in one case or another, the fight for the endangered wildlife is probably more a fight for the preservation of the free view from one’s own terrace, which we also understand", according to the CSU city council.
The task of the elected councillors, however, is to keep the overall welfare in mind and the need for land is great.