Contakt house in Coburg: haunting sounds of farewell

contakt house in coburg: haunting sounds of farewell

Just one last dance, just one last song to sing. Don’t stop singing and dancing – who knows which day will be the last one?. And maybe the singing and dancing will drive away the end that is coming sometime.

Pulsating rhythm

The music played by the klezmer quartet sher on a shier at its coburg performance in haus contakt plays its very own game with time. Their rhythm is somehow an echo of the heartbeat. This rhythm pulsates – sometimes in the accordion of paula sell, sometimes in the double bass of sabine doll – on, on and on.

Magic moments

But when this rhythm suddenly stops, pauses, then magical moments arise – moments in which time seems to stand still.

Silence and ecstasy

The music played by this ensemble is a music between past and present, between traditional melodies and the present inspired by tradition. Silence and ecstatic exaltation mingle in it, joy and pain meet in it – sometimes separated from each other by only a single beat, a single short pause.

Fascinating timbres

Johannes paul graber makes his violin sing just as eloquently as anja gunther does her clarinet. They don’t just play their melodies, they literally play with these melodies, transforming them into permanent repetitions, which are nevertheless always somehow new, transformed by ever new shades of sound colors.

Persistent applause for a fascinating klezmer evening.