Coburg public prosecutor’s office investigates for attempted manslaughter

This was confirmed by senior public prosecutor anton lohneis when asked. The reason: after testimonies of witnesses, but also of damaged themselves, the investigators assume that individual involved had received kicks against the head during the pruglei. Whether there were 20 or even 50 involved, as was reported at the time in a first account of the night, is difficult to say. According to lohneis, eleven, twelve hitmen are under investigation.

Difficult investigation

Because of the number of people involved, the investigation is very difficult and "not very advanced", admitted lohneis. In order to unravel the events of that night, the investigators had to rely on witness statements – and that's not easy at all. "We need witnesses who are as uninvolved as possible and who will stick to their testimony", said lohneis. After all, no one wanted to get worse for their testimony. In this case, silence is preferred.

"And in the end, no one wants to have done it anyway"

Lohneis is not yet able to say anything concrete about the number of people injured, because there is also a need for clarification here. Some of those involved are perpetrators and victims at the same time, some may simply have acted out of self-defense. "And in the end, no one wants to have done it anyway", lohneis summarized.
The senior public prosecutor estimates that it will take one to two months to clarify the course of events in the riot.