Chairman witter: the sonnefeld show riders represented their club in the best possible way

chairman witter: the sonnefeld show riders represented their club in the best possible way

The members of the riding and driving club of sonnefeld and surroundings look back on a successful, busy and exciting year. The well-attended annual general meeting showed that the management team works well together and manages the association with care. In order to better regulate the use of the facility in the future, the board introduced four corresponding motions. These were endorsed by those present. Chairwoman bettina witter recalled the three tournaments; they had been carried out in all areas very satisfactorily. There was a lot of positive feedback both from within and outside the association. And the numbers spoke for themselves. Time and again, foreigners also enjoyed taking part in the tournaments in bieberbach. The association has 51 sponsors, 16 are new. The show riders had been on the road all over bavaria, saxony and thuringia, representing the club in the best possible way. According to witter, 2018 was marked by many tree removals and work services to keep the plant in good condition. Among other things, the toilets and the entire indoor arena were renovated. This involved repairs as well as improvement and spare parts inspections. Both riding halls could be equipped with a new high-quality floor each. "All this was only possible thanks to the efforts of many helpers", resumed witter. She is convinced that without the commitment and financial support of the schumacher family, the renovation would not have been possible in such a short time.

Managing director annika graf went into detail about the sporting events and the membership statistics. Of the 357 members (plus 6), 82 were from the junior staff area. 29 riders can be found in the ranking list. 68 times a first place could be booked. Carolin kubus pays among the top 10 bavarian juniors in show jumping.

Honored were michaela mader, werner ganb for 25 years membership, sissy and klaus angermuller, anja heinlein, paul neubauer and tanja schwed for 30 years, michael hampel, mona fiedler-simone, julia tapfer, karl-heinz bohl and ulrich stephan for 40 years, gunther wollny, heiner bulling and claus reisenweber for 60 years (honorary members).