Well we’ve been home almost a week and a half and life is MOVING! Whew, the days are going fast and they are adjusting great to living in the US of A. They are a little hot here as it never got above 70 there so we found out they sweat like crazy! They love their beds and the girls fight over the top bunk!

School is going well for both Brandon (1st grade) and Michelle (pre-k). We are having some difficulties with Daniella’s learning abilities/disabilities and getting her settled into a school routine and in the right class. We actually have them all 3 with me at school so that is a huge blessing. The teachers and friends that prayed alongside us for so long are now the ones loving on them for the majority of the day. We have a lot to work on with her specifically, and navigating the “system” for any special help in Knoxville is HARD and time consuming. We have some great resources and are exploring those right now too.

We have made good progress at home too. When school is difficult or anything gets “hard” we try to remember that we are so blessed….they eat almost anything, they sleep about 10-11 hours a night! Still no bathroom accidents day or night! Their attitudes and English are improving a little every day. They are still testing us daily with things. They are slowly giving up on getting into EVERYTHING in our house! They love the dogs, and the dogs love them.

My sister Amanda has been here a few days and been such a help with the kids when one of us has to be at work or need extra homework help. I secretly hope she’s not running up a bill on us because live in nanny, cook and tutor is quite expensive I’m sure.

Nick and I are staying afloat mentally and spiritually but some days are tough. We were at home last week, kids in bed, and heard a loud crash. Nick’s car was on the street parked in front of our house and a neighbor smashed into his Honda. This was our car that was paid off so now we are dealing with their insurance and it should be totaled by the end of the week. On a bright note, we were so used to having NO car in Colombia that us only having one here for right now has actually worked out ok. As of last night they got Nick a rental car and we are figuring things out past that. It’s cool to see our perspective change and us be totally happy just to HAVE a car to get them around in.


  • Continued bonding with the kids. Our post placement visit (to see how they are doing) is in a few weeks too.
  • That we can get Daniella settled in a class and that her ability to learn would increase. We are starting from square one with letters A-D and numbers 1-3 today. Its a long road and her attention span is not helping.
  • Time for Nick and I to spend together focusing on us and not always the kids
  • Car situation to get worked out


  • Our jobs are still flexible with us working hours around the kids adjusting
  • We all are adjusting well to being home
  • Amanda is a huge help to us at home when she’s here things are just easier
  • Michelle and Brandon have made huge progress in school and they are so proud
  • They continue to eat and sleep well

Thank you guys for lifting these things up and joining alongside us for the long haul.

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