Our Dossier has been in Colombia since December. It got there just before all of the Holidays began so we’ve been patiently waiting to hear any news about it. Well this week we got some news. We got a “request for evidence”.

This is a fancy way of saying they had some more questions. From what we have been told by our agency and others this is slowly becoming the “norm” now and almost every family is getting asked further questions. This is good. We want them to ask questions. I mean come on, even we think it sounds weird that a couple with no infertility issues, as young as we are, would want to adopt, adopt internationally, and on top of that adopt more than one child!

Nick and I thought we would loose some hope in their system if they were to NOT ask us more questions. Our home study and dossier have everything in it except for hair samples (which are probably somehow in there too) but we knew they still want to know more. The questions they asked were reasonable. We will now have to answer them and return our answers, translated and sealed, to Colombia as quickly as possible so they can continue to review our family.

We just wanted to update you and let you know we’d appreciate your prayers while we hurry all over town to see Dr.s and Psychologists to write letters and “evidence” to support our family in our attempt to adopt. We are praying the people that accept the answers will indeed accept them and approve us and we can move forward.

The scary thing is there are no “for sure” situations in adoption, and this, unfortunately, is one of those not for sure times. We could submit these answers and they could move us along, or they could say no. We aren’t really thinking about what would happen if they said no. Only that God is in control of every detail (see last post) and we are confident in that. That being said our “details” that we give to the Colombian government need to be quick, accurate, and honest.

Thank you for praying along with us.

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