We have been officially matched with the 3 kiddos we have been pursuing for some time now. When I got the phone call Beth called me first. I was in tears and quite literally fell to the ground! You guys know me I hardly ever cry…


I got to go surprise Nick at work with sweet letters and pictures of the kids. He almost cried . It was a weird mix, like we knew it was coming but the sure feeling of the relief that followed was glorious!

It has been nothing but 200 mph since and they assure us it will not slow down. We have been frantically planning final fundraisers, making bunk beds, painting rooms. We are trying to find clothes, shoes, and guess at sizes that might fit them according to past weight and height.

We have also had 100’s of pages translated from their files with medical info and background stories, this is a huge praise and my heart just hurts for mamas that get none of this information. We are praying God will use this in a mighty way in their lives one day to look back and know where they came from.

Right now we need prayer. Lots of it. We need people at dinners, and lots of hugs saying It’ll be ok. We need rest, I got some while I had my wisdom teeth out and the Lord knew I would not sit still unless it took surgery and a week recovery.

We are constantly reminded how faithful God is in supplying our needs. Randomly the other day someone handed $100 over to the family hosting our spaghetti dinner, they didn’t even know us just knew they wanted to be a part. We have tons of friends and family coming to help the night of the spaghetti dinner as well as tons of people donating baskets to auction off. Also a few weeks after the dinner friends will give up another night to help at Pizza Inn for a fundraiser. Whew! This takes a village LITERALLY!

We couldn’t do this without you all and we are so excited to see our next steps unfold. They tell us we will be traveling in early August and we know the stay in country will be close to 8 weeks. We are trying to find a place to stay right now and think through all that would be required to travel for that long with 3 kids.

Above is our little announcement flyer about our family. Stick with us guys, the hard work is about to begin. Oh and in case you were wondering, “B” is our oldest He is 8. “B” is our middle she is 6. and “M” is our youngest she is 4.

Let the craziness begin!!!

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