Well the past few weeks have been utterly crazy busy that I have not gotten in bed at a decent time, ate very much, or let alone updated you guys.

We are on our way to Colombia! We have bags packed, tickets bought, and work (almost) taken care of for while we are gone. We arrive late tonight and will get to go explore the city and get familiar with our surroundings for the first few days.

On Monday we have what’s called a team meeting. We will get to meet with the team of social workers, psychologists, and workers that have taken care of our kids for the past few years. The foster family will not be there, we are not allowed to meet them, although we may be able to send them a card passed through the office there to them. We expect this meeting will be helpful and give us any last minute updates we need on the kids.

On Wednesday, August 6th we will have our “gotcha day” meaning we will go get them and they will be in our care from this day forward. The country of Colombia considers us “great friends” to the kids until they are legally ours in a month or so. Until then we can do about whatever with them except leave the country. We will try to send out emails and post on here as to how our trip is going. Please pray for us as we travel, that things would go smoothly. Pray as we meet with their team. Pray as we meet the kids and that we would start to bond with them and grow to love them.

Until we are home (in 2 months)

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