God is so good!

I hope you know that! And not just saying you know that but Really Really KNOW that!

He answers prayers sometimes in the long run, sometimes when you least expect it, sometimes not at all, sometimes before you can finish praying it… tonight while sitting reading over our adoption paperwork I began to worry about the fees again, started looking back over the amounts and questioning why it was so much, I began to pray over each amount listed, the different fees and their explanations.

I heard my phone beep (usually don’t check that when praying) but got an email from our donation site.

$1,000 was deposited by some people who love us very much! I literally started crying and ran to show Nick!

I am in shock but then I’m thinking Why?

Why would I be shocked that our Creator, the one who’s called us to do this, is making this possible and revealing Himself every step of the way.

I hope you have a blessed night because ours has been beyond so this week! Every little bit has added and added and the prayers have come and come and kept coming and I’m so excited to say we are able to move to the next step in our Journey! We will begin our Home Study this week! We have already been working on some parts of it but now we’re official.

Onward to Step 2.

We love you! Thank you! God is good…all the time!

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