Leaving Today

Well the past few weeks have been utterly crazy busy that I have not gotten in bed at a decent time, ate very much, or let alone updated you guys. We are on our way to Colombia! We have bags packed, tickets bought, and work (almost) taken care of for while we are gone. We …

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Dossier Approved they said YES

Praise Jesus we are finally APPROVED to adopt from Colombia! What this means is great news for us. We submitted our Dossier to Colombia ICBF (central authority on children, families, and specifically adoption) back in early December. They looked over it for a few months and then came back with more questions for us.  Now, …

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Request for Evidence

Our Dossier has been in Colombia since December. It got there just before all of the Holidays began so we’ve been patiently waiting to hear any news about it. Well this week we got some news. We got a “request for evidence”. This is a fancy way of saying they had some more questions. From …

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Back in School

So last weekend we left Empowered to Connect conference in Birmingham. We got to meet some new friends and got to see our favorite social worker from Lifeline. It feels like we are back in school. Our brains are on total over load right now. We loved every minute of it! I’m finding myself just …

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Dossier In! Now What?

Huge PRAISE and Awesome UPDATE! Our Dossier is in Colombia and is fully translated! What does that mean?!Let me back up. What is a Dossier? dos·si·er noun- 1. a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject. So our “collection of documents” has pretty much everything in it except for real life blood samples! …

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Both Hands Project Complete!

So a few weeks ago we finished an awesome weekend of crazy hard work called BOTH HANDS. It was an amazing time serving our widow Ms. Ethel and getting to raise support for our adoption. There were so many people who helped, donated, painted, cut brush, scrubbed, nailed, scraped, scrubbed some more and did countless …

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