So a few weeks ago we finished an awesome weekend of crazy hard work called BOTH HANDS. It was an amazing time serving our widow Ms. Ethel and getting to raise support for our adoption. There were so many people who helped, donated, painted, cut brush, scrubbed, nailed, scraped, scrubbed some more and did countless other tasks to make the 2+ day event happen.

Yall we had paint donated by Home Depot, food cooked by the Vances, we had people who stayed all 2 days with us, we had people who came by just to give hugs, everyone that came out made it even more of a blessing. It was so cool to see our friends and family working together. It didn’t feel toooo much like work and Praise God we got one of the last semi warm days of the year!

Take a look at the before and after pictures! We even had an awesome video done by Mr. Shaddix to highlight the day!

If you would like to still support us you are welcome to. The account at Both Hands stays open until our kids are home. Total to date we have raised over $4500 through those who have donated! That blows my mind! I have literally laid awake a few nights since and just thought to myself about all the hard work and our friends and how a silly “thank you” letter is about the silliest thing I can think of to give them and it doesn’t even begin to say thank you. We can never repay them for all their SELFLESS help and love shared with us and with Ms. Ethel and her daughter.

Even the news station came that day! How cool will it be one day to show our kids all the work we did that day. Prayerfully they might get to meet Ms. Ethel one day and hear her stories she told us that day.

One of our favorite projects we did was actually the inside of her house where we gutted her entire bathroom pretty much. (this was supposed to be a labor intensive project…told y’all we were working our butts off for these kids!) We just didn’t know our friends would so much too!

After (new tile, beadboard walls, shower surround, handicap bars, etc!)

If you would like to see the video of the days work and more before and after pictures please take a minute to watch our quick video!

Also if you would like to find out more about Both Hands foundation click here. They are an awesome group to work with. Their team loves the Lord and loves these adopting families. They were around to answer all our questions and now that we were the first family to do this in Knoxville we are able to help others if they want to follow in our footsteps. If you have any questions about the project or are considering completing one for your adoption please contact us as we would love to help and have some great tips for getting a good project completed.

May God bless you this Christmas and may you Praise him as we head into a new year where HE is in control and we have no idea what to expect!

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