So you’ve got a few tools in your garage? Your dad has some down in his basement that he barely uses? You need to get down there now and borrow those things. Or if they really don’t use them ask if you can have them or buy them!

You are missing out on so many benefits of building your own furniture, it’s not even funny.

Oh yea Jenn, easy for you to say, you build stuff all the time. Yes, I do, and here are exactly 5 reasons why You Should have been building your own furniture all along too.



1 | It Saves You Money, Honey

Who doesn’t love to save money? There are a lot of home and design items that have a considerable markup. I learned this in design school when we’d go to “Market” and literally see the wholesale prices on things and then realize that often time the store tags are 1000% markup. And that was Standard! 1000%  (I didn’t miss and hit an extra 0 there either) that means if it took a company $100 to make something they sell it for over $1000, and that doesn’t include tax, delivery, extra protection, warranties etc. If you’re able to make something even as small as a picture frame you’re saving money, but the larger the item you build, generally speaking, the more money you’re saving. You are also investing time into building too though so don’t forget that. See our post on craigslist vs building it for our comparison on that.

2 | Provides Exactly What You Want

Are you ever really really 100% happy with a piece of furniture you buy. I can remember countless times being like yea I like it but I wish it were darker, or wish the doors went the other way, or wish it was like 3 inches taller. You don’t have to have any of those regrets when  you build your own piece. This is especially true if you know how to draw a plan out and then build it. (SketchUp by Saturday Link). If you want a rustic buffet that will fit your kid’s biggest books while still holding all of hubs dvd collection and yet closes up to only show off your Anthropologie blankets, do it. Make it! Build it yourself!

3 | Helps Build Your Confidence and Muscles

We are all about building up your confidence. We are also not ashamed to say we are stinking proud of ourselves after each and every build. We learn so much about ourselves when we make mistakes. We grow in our abilities by challenging ourselves to make new things. I personally am so energized by the feeling of working on a project, and since I enjoy it I’m much less stressed and anxious in general. You also can’t beat the muscles you get from working hard. When I get into deep seasons of building (summer time typically) I gain muscle and find I am physically leaner and more toned than any other time of the year.

4 | Durability and Resell Value

Things you build, last. Period. Who here has an old piece of furniture that their grandparents gave them? Most likely if you do have one, it was built much differently than furniture you find in stores now. The stuff sold in stores now (at reasonable prices) is cheap, and I mean cheap. Like fall apart, can’t even re-sell it on craigslist in 3 years cheap. Instead, you have stuff build either by hand or with much less “industry fluff” 50 years ago and it’s a solid, well built piece. Even if you feel like something you’ve made is not quite as sturdy as grandpa’s I promise you if it’s solid wood you already have a leg up on the imported stuff that’s in every window. Another bonus is if you do find yourself making more and more things, you will improve, guaranteed. We’ve been able to sell a lot of our earlier pieces as we continue to build and get better and even the “first projects” quality was so much better that people would rather buy that from us than a falling apart piece from big box joe store.

5 | Provides a Shared Activity With Your Spouse or Family/Friends

Lastly, and honestly I think I saved the best for last… is spending time with those you love. Sure I love being down in the shop all alone listening to music loud…but when Nick and I are in there together figuring out what to do next, who mis-measured what, envisioning what stain we’re going to use, and then inside the house always talking about where it’s gonna go how it’s going to look and function. Not sure about you but it’s just fun for us. It’s also fun to have other people over working with us. We’ve built some amazing friendships and relationships while also building furniture with others. It’s fun to have my kids running around out back and come in to watch and help carry boards, or help sweep the floors. It’s less about saving money at that point when we enjoy it so much. It has truly grown our marriage and our family into a really cool little thing. We admire each other’s talents and skills and praise each other when we do a good job and educate the other when we need help. It just makes me so happy to be able to have something to do that we love doing together.

So there ya go. If I haven’t convinced you with even one of those reasons yet, not sure if we ever will. If you’ve already jumped on board the DIY furniture train, keep chugging. If you’ve yet to take hold of it, I’d like to be the one to challenge you to find your first plan, give it a try, and see what comes of it. You might be totally stressed and never want to do it again, that’s fair, but you’ll of least tried it and have something to show for it. If you love it, we get to say we told you so, and continue to encourage you in your building efforts.

Do you have anything you’d add to the list here?

If you’re currently building something and have another benefit I’d love if if you’d share it with us in the comments.

Happy Building!


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