Barn fire in stadelschwarzach: residents had to leave their homes

barn fire in stadelschwarzach: residents had to leave their homes

A barn caught fire on friday in the center of stadelschwarzach (prichsenstadt, lkr. Kitzingen) on fire. Nearby homes evacuated as a precaution, police say. The fire in the wurzburger strabe was extinguished by 23.39 o’clock noticed and reported. At this point, the barn, which also housed a workshop, was already engulfed in flames.

The fire departments from stadelschwarzach, prichsenstadt and wiesentheid prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings and brought the fire under control. As a precaution, residents were awakened and brought to safety. The respiratory protection team was able to remove a pressurized gas cylinder from the burning building and bring it to safety. The roof skin was continuously checked from the basket of the telescopic rescue platform of the wiesentheid fire department using the thermal imaging camera so that immediate action could be taken if the roof skin broke through, as the neighboring bakery building is only about one meter away.

Spread of fire to neighboring buildings prevented

The fire departments succeeded in preventing the fire from spreading; their intervention was safeguarded by the BRK (bavarian red cross). No one was injured. An elderly woman – a resident of the courtyard – had to be cared for by the rescue service. For support the expert adviser of the THW kitzingen, the respiratory protection center iphofen and the support group local operational command were on site at the scene of action. The federal highway B 22 was closed to traffic while the work was being carried out.

The wurzburg criminal investigation department began investigating the cause of the fire during the night. The damage is estimated at around 35.000 euro estimated.