At home, family businesses are waiting for the ebern masters

At home, family businesses are waiting for the ebern masters

The 18 graduates of course 56 of the master school for carpentry in ebern presented their masterpieces and at the same time received their certificates and the letter that gives them the right to use the protected title of "master carpenter to drive.

The high standards they set themselves were also underlined by their unique masterpieces, which left a very good impression on experts and guests alike.

18 graduates
Of the 18 graduates of the master school, eleven were from bavaria, six from north rhine-westphalia and one from hesse. Among them were also two ladies.
The "fresh graduates" come from the area in which this newspaper is distributed master craftsman tobias barmann, untersiemau; patrick adelhardt, konigsfeld; daniel frisch, kups; johannes froschlein, from busendorf (markt rattelsdorf); philipp heilingloh, meeder; jonas kohler, egloffstein; marcel mittelbach; rodach and bernd reichelt, stegaurach.

As the "best graduating student from course 56 were awarded:
1. Christoph Dressen, heimbach/duren (grade point average 1.79)
2. Tobias barmann, untersiemau/coburg; tjorven annika hofmann, itzenhausen/kassel and marco rochus, essen (all 2.07)

With a maximum of 60 students in three semesters, the meisterschule ebern is one of the small technical colleges in bavaria, but has made a name for itself throughout germany since it was established. And this is what you notice when you look at the participants. This time, schoolchildren also came in particular from the koln, essen duren and soest areas.

Two women on board
Andrea Jackermeier from poikam in lower bavaria and tjorven annika hofmann from witzenhausen/kassel were the only two women who definitely made it in the "men's world well felt. "For me, this has become quite normal, because in my previous professional years, I have only had manners as colleagues", said andrea jackermeier.

Although there are still two master schools in the south of germany, she came to ebern for her training – and that had a special reason. "My boss, who taught me, was already here in ebern. And also my boss from my journeyman days was in ebern and made me aware of this school.
She doesn't come from her parents' carpenter's workshop, but got into this profession more by chance than anything else. "My dad had a hobby workshop at home and i used to watch him and help him as well. I enjoyed it" and so she became a carpenter. For the future, she envisages working as a trainer in a workshop or as a planner in an appropriate office.

Masterpiece worth seeing
For the young master carpenter johannes froschlein from busendorf/rattelsdorf, everything is quite different and the handling of wood is probably already in his blood. "My grandfather already ran a wainwright's workshop and when the wooden wheels were no longer turning so fast, he shifted more to wooden fences and carpentry work.

A more modern carpenter's workshop with the corresponding machinery was then built by my father, whereby the focus was also more on staircase construction. Now we want to shift the focus further to furniture construction, for which an extension is also necessary."

Froschlein wants to take over his parents' business one day. But he spent his apprenticeship years and also his journeyman's time in a company in bamberg. At the same time, he even took his vocational baccalaureate in order to further his education.

As a masterpiece he had chosen and planned a buromobelstuck. It is attached to the wall and is impressive in its shape. The expert will immediately recognize that the furniture, without any straight lines and flats, the inserts and the surface treatment, was a really hard work.
Froschlein was enthusiastic about the three semesters at the master school. "My father has already completed the master's exam in course 3 and I was now in course 56. We have learned a lot, especially since the machinery is also great. And he found the relationship between teachers and students great.
From an old yew tree
for tobias barmann from untersiemau near coburg, too, the reason for becoming a master craftsman was the later takeover of his father's business. He completed his apprenticeship in another company, where he spent further years as a journeyman, and now, after three semesters at the technical college in ebern, he was able to receive his master's certificate.
His masterpiece is something special, because it is made from an old yew tree trunk. The yew comes from the garden of an old lady, who gave him this oldest native coniferous tree. Yew wood is considered to be hard, but elastic and was therefore very popular in the middle ages for the production of bows and crossbows.

Perfect for the preservation of historical monuments
Barmann used it to build a storage cabinet on a steel base, the shape of which is very abstract. The trunk of the yew breaks optically through the plate and is individually treated, so that the characteristic wood color is also clearly expressed. The two carcasses are recessed, mitered and surrounded with veneer slow as if from one cast. There are no handles, but a magnetic system opens the door and the drawer.

Observers from the field of antiquities and the preservation of historical monuments noted that this masterpiece expresses a very exquisite flair for dealing with unusual woods and an affinity for unusual form and design. They encouraged the young master to keep an eye on the preservation of historical monuments, especially since the advanced courses offered by the master school were a good opportunity to do so.

Barmann has clear goals. "Naturally, I want to join our company and further expand the manufacture of furniture, and I would also like to make individual pieces."

The other exhibits of the young masters also showed the versatility of the carpentry profession.