Aschach: grandma and grandpa still know the games

The stately park of aschach castle with its numerous old and tall trees is usually an oasis of tranquility. On sunday afternoon, however, the happy laughter of numerous children echoed through the park, adults were of course also present. The museums at aschach castle had invited guests to a colorful family festival with children’s games and entertainment on this day. Museum director josefine glockner, who has only been in office for a year, could not say how long the festival has been going on: "it’s been going on for over ten years. But she knows one thing for sure: last year this day was called "play afternoon". This has now become a "family festival renamed.

Josefine glockner explains the reason: "the program of this day is not only meant for children, but for the whole family". To say it right away: it was a nice day, the program was great. Continuation desired. At the checkout, parents could see if their sons and daughters had grown a lot lately. Children up to 1.20 meters were allowed in for free, but above that they had to pay 1.50 euros into the castle treasury, just like the adults. Museum staff had put up a marker 1.20 meters high on the counter, and josefine glockner occasionally took a dip herself.

The motto of the family festival was "explore – marvel – play", and according to this the whole program was oriented in a narrower or broader sense. But there were no virtual games on the gameboy or tablet, but ones made of wood and metal. Especially the boys enjoyed walking a few meters on stilts across the castle lawn, next to a museum employee who could step in when things got shaky. "Every boy in our village had one, nailed together by himself", a grandfather explained to his grandson and "our stilts were much higher, so we could easily look into the rooms of the girls". Especially young ladies proved to be very skillful in the game "once upon a time". But they enjoyed it and usually made several meters. The whip top was also from this category. A whip had to be used to make a spinning top dance.

Many games were set up in the garden of the castle. The children who took part were allowed to put a stamp on their playbill at one of the stations. When the paper was full of stamps, there was a little present. At the hooking tree they helped to hook in a tree. On the bowling alley you should, logically, hit as many skittles as possible. Small artists could be seen in front of easels, just painting the sky. Other children sped around a course in bobby cars.

The children, who are all used to modern and bright classrooms with lots of technology, were amazed when they took a look at the school museum. It seemed like something from another world, but one grandmother told her grandson "look bub, this is exactly how the school I went to used to look". The traveling exhibition "patents in franconia" is currently running in the museum barn. It shows that many of the products that are now used all over the world originated in france. Here are only the jeans. Your inventor levi strauss comes from buttenheim sudostlich von bamberg. In the barn there was also a very interesting station for small naturalists who like to experiment. A battery of champagne glasses filled to different heights with water served as a musical instrument on which a father told his son "fox you have stolen the goose, give it back" played. A real sweeper was kolja liebscher from frammersbach, who is almost part of the museum’s inventory, because for years he has been delighting the small and the very large children as a marchenerzahler and puppeteer at the play and now family festival. The castle aschach is located in the district aschach (schlobstrabe 24) of the municipality bad bocklet. The graf-luxburg-museum is not accessible at the moment and will be reopened in spring next year. However, the folklore museum and the school museum (open until 31 december) have been. October tuesdays to saturdays 14 to 17 o’clock, sundays and holidays 11 to 17 o’clock, monday day off. Geoffnet are also the aschacher schlossstuben.