After heated duel: eurocup showdown between bayern and alba

After heated duel: eurocup showdown between bayern and alba

Discussions about the heated bundesliga duel annoyed bavaria’s managing director marko pesic the day before the eurocup showdown against ALBA berlin.

"Such things as happened in the game are not in our interest. It hurts basketball," said marko pesic. "Nobody talks about the fact that we beat ALBA by 31 points, but about the incidents. That is a pity."

Emotions ran high during bayern’s 96-65 win over berlin. The match in the eighth final of the euro cup on tuesday (20.00 p.M.) was lent added explosiveness by the. Only two days lie between the two encounters in munich. And in the fourth meeting of the two fierce rivals within ten days, the K.O.-duel for a place in the quarterfinals. "This will certainly be a heated game," predicted ALBA pro akeem vargas.

Just like on sunday. The game was actually already over, ALBA was hopelessly behind in the final quarter. Then berlin’s vargas rudely stopped munich’s paul zipser, the initially disunited referees ruled it an unsportsmanlike foul. A little later, zipser and berlin’s dragan milosavljevic got into a scuffle, as a result of which the serb was punished with disqualifying fouls, as was munich’s alex renfroe.

After the match both sides tried to play down the incident. "There is a rough rivalry. It’s clear that there’s a lot of banging going on," said vargas. Despite their disqualifications, renfroe and milosavljevic were allowed to play on tuesday. Possible suspensions only apply in the bundesliga.

After the 82-82 draw in the first leg in berlin, the starting position for the eurocup showdown is very simple: the winner advances to the round of the last eight, and if the score is tied again after 40 minutes, the game goes into overtime. "We are qualitatively better than ALBA and we are playing at home," explained marko pesic. "We can only show our superior quality if we don’t allow ourselves to be provoked and keep our heads cool."

However, a clear favorite cannot be discerned after the games last week. The berliners enjoyed the cup victory of 21 february because of the rough rivalry. February in the hall of the archenemy especially sub. They are now hoping for their second coup in the bavarian capital within ten days.

After the weak performance on sunday, ALBA coach sasa obradovic had to scold first: "we were too soft today, that was unacceptable," said the serbian. Courage the berliners draw on their strong nerves, on which they have already been able to rely several times this season. "In important games, we’ve been at full strength all season, we’ll be the same on tuesday," vargas said.